• Township Review

    1.            House of Luck – you can win prizes here. It's a game, fundamentally, where you need 5 clovers to take an interest. You'll be indicated a 3×3 line and segment of chests, pick one and you win that thing inside the chest you picked. You can get clovers chiefly by assisting your companions. They convey 'thank you' envelopes with a clover inside. Different techniques remember finishing plane requests or opening chests for the mine.


    2.            City Market – from the name itself, you can purchase different things here with coins/money. Things are put in crates you can buy and these bins get refreshed each (around) 5 hours. You can likewise employ a vendor to get you the merchandise for a day, 5 days or seven days. Presently this is an or more particularly when the thing you need isn't in any of the crates. Also, the item costs are route less expensive than the crate costs. Simply… be careful however since he's hella costly. You need to pay in Township money to benefit his administrations, not coin.


    3.            Laboratory – go here to gain and actuate catalysts (sponsors) like expanding the yield of harvests and creature merchandise or accelerating creation. To gain sponsors, you need jewels. These diamonds can be found generally in mines. You can likewise get some by finishing plane requests, in arbitrary chests coasting around or by dispatching shop orders in the zoo. In case you're fortunate, you can likewise win it in the House of Luck.


    4.            Foundry – in the foundry is the place you convert your mined metals into ingots. Ingots are utilized for improving manufacturing plants in the Academy of Industry or for paying off islanders, expanding your odds of getting treasures or the moderately rarer products of that island. Other than the Foundry, similar to the pearl, you can discover ingots in the House of Luck, by finishing plane requests or through arbitrary chests you see. They are relatively simpler to get than jewels.


    5.            Academy of Industry – it's here where you trade your ingots for industrial facility enhancements. Factories as well as trains, speeding up conveyance or EXP (experience) focuses picked up and some more.


    6.            Central Museum – each time you get ancient rarities in the mines or fortunes in ships, they go straight here. Finishing a line of them gives you money. Obviously, the multiple occasions you complete them, the more money you get. Also, discovering treasures/relics is attached to accomplishments in your town's city lobby along these lines, other than the exhibition hall grants… progressively, more, MOOOORE money for youu~


    7.            Ships – well, I realize this isn't actually a structure yet whatever. You need boats to convey to islands and get extraordinary organic products. These organic products are utilized in making jams or cakes. TIP: If you have loads of ingots loaded up, use them to pay off islanders and get treasures.

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